Employer-Sponsored Medicare

Receive all the advantages of Medicare on an employer-sponsored platform with Premier Senior Health Plan

Premier Senior Health Plan (“PSHP”) is an employer‐sponsored group Medicare Supplement & optional Part D Rx plan for people age 65 and older. It pays the out‐of‐pocket medical expenses covered but not paid in full by Medicare.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Get a Medicare Supplement down to just one person with all the tax advantages of a group health plan
  • Portable into retirement with at-home billing available
  • Nationwide coverage with no network limitations
  • Watch THIS VIDEO: Senior Health Plan – Dan Calabrese

Group Service & Support

  • No numbers 800 — Call a Premier Senior Health Plan service representative directly with any question


  • Sponsor a “Plan F” Medicare Supplement any time of year, even if turning age 65, with no medical questions
  • Various medical & Rx plan designs available
  • Lower Your Costs and Secure a Superior Benefit

Plan Features: 

  • Sponsor or join as a member any time of year
  • Multiple medical & Rx plan designs are available
  • Tax-deductible premiums can be employer-paid, member‐paid, or split-billed
  • Portable into retirement with at‐home (after-tax) premium billing
  • Covers age 65+ spouses too
  • Superior member support & advocacy at one phone #, and always a live answer

Medical Features

  • A+ rated nationwide insurer in business since 1947
  • No medical questions to join
  • See your same providers and self‐refer nationwide – with no network limitations
  • Scalable down to one person covered
  • Seniors turning age 65 in 2020 or later can still secure first-dollar coverage with a “Plan F”

Rx Features:

  • Largest Rx insurer in the country with over 70,000 participating pharmacies
  • Plans with full and partial coverage through the Medicare Part D “donut hole”
  • Broad formulary of drugs that surpass those of individual Medicare Part D plans
  • Scalable down to two people covered


  • Sponsoring employer must have a Federal Tax ID (EIN)
  • Full‐time people are not eligible in sponsoring groups of 20 or more total actives (of all ages)
  • Members not yet enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B must do so to be insured under PSHP
  • Pre-65 disabled people on Medicare are ineligible for PSHP’s medical plans

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PSHP’s medical plan cannot be sponsored by companies located in the state of New York