Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B New YorkMedicare Part B, commonly referred to as the Medical Insurance portion of original Medicare, can cover expenses for Medicare services and supplies that are medically necessary to treat your condition. Included items can be things such as preventative services such as immunization for the flu, outpatient care, ambulatory services, and medical equipment. Let’s take a closer look at what these services include:

  1. Clinical Research
    • There are benefits and risks with joining a clinical research study to diagnose and treat an illness. It is your choice whether or not you’d like to join one. Before joining, be sure to ask what portion of your care is covered by Medicare.
  2. Ambulance Services

If you require ground ambulatory services to a hospital, critical access hospital or skilled nursing facility to receive medically necessary services Medicare Part B would cover this. It may also be possible that airplane or helicopter may be covered if ground services are not sufficient for your situation.

  1. Durable Medical Equipment
    • If your health requires and you’re prescribed medically necessary durable medical equipment (DME), Medicare Part B covers the cost of certain items. These may include, but are not limited to: Blood sugar monitors, test strips, walking canes, crutches, hospital beds and lifts. Many more items are covered. Visit the Medicare website to learn more.
  2. Mental Health
    • If you require Mental Health treatment, Medicare Part B may pay for treatment you receive out of a hospital as outpatient care. This service can include: depression screening, psychotherapy, family counseling, psychiatric evaluations and more.
  3. Second Opinions Before Surgery
    • A second opinion is when another doctor, other than your primary doctor gives you his or her professional view about your health problem and how to treat that problem. When you’re faced with a big decision like surgery, your Medicare part B will pay for you to have a second opinion about your treatment. However, be sure the doctor giving the second opinion accepts Medicare.
  4. Outpatient Prescription Drugs
    • Medicare Part B covers a limited amount of outpatient prescription drugs. To see a list of drugs that may be covered under Medicare Part B, see the list here.

What Else Should I Know About Medicare Part B?

In order to be eligible for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, you need Medicare Part A and Part B first. Once you have enrolled in Medicare Part A & B, you’ll select the Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan that is right for you.